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Steve Cooper was diagnosed on December 21, 2012, with stage 4 prostate cancer (PSA of 50, Gleason 4/4 at all 12 biopsy sites, and lymph node positive) and given six to 12 months to live. His cancer spread because of the Phoenix VA’s failure to order a PSA when they found he had a large, asymmetrical prostate. Steve helped break the Phoenix VA scandal and he won the landmark lawsuit against the Phoenix VA for $2.56 million dollars in March 2017.

Steve was the first person in the world to complete an Ironman during radiation and one year later he made history once again, by becoming the first person to also complete a full 140.6 mile Iron distance triathlon during chemotherapy; both Ironmans were completed while Steve was on anti-hormone therapy (Lupron). During chemotherapy infusions, Steve would peddle a stationary bike, and he ran 26.2 miles on the days of the first two chemo sessions, then completed a 70.3 mile triathlon on the day of his third chemo session, and did 16 mile triathlons on his 4th and 6th rounds. He skipped training on his 5th round since he completed a full 140.6 mile Iron distance triathlon two days prior. Steve set out to demonstrate that you can get stronger during chemotherapy which was validated by his trainer conducting physical fitness assessments throughout chemotherapy.

Steve’s “Never Quit!!” attitude can be traced back to his U.S. Army career, having completed a highly distinguished 18 year military career in the Infantry and law enforcement. After his military service he was a college professor and president as well as a CEO and entrepreneur of several businesses and served two years as a national board member for Zero: The End of Prostate Cancer. He lives in Chandler, Arizona, with his wife Rima and their two dogs Penny and Lexi and he spends most of his time helping Veterans get access to private sector doctors as well as their compensation benefits and he serves on Congressman Biggs’ Military/Veterans Committee.

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